Clear Span

Size Seating/Standing
6m x 3m 18 / 30
6m x 6m 36 / 60
6m x 9m 72 / 90
6m x 12m 90 / 120
6m x 15m 126 / 150

Clear roofed hire marquees indeed have a special appeal and are particularly popular for weddings, corporate parties, and high-profile events.

The combination of a clear roof and clear sides creates a stunning and transparent atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy the surrounding views while remaining sheltered from wind and rain.

The aesthetic benefits of a clear roof marquee are especially noticeable during night time events when the stars become visible through the marquee ceiling, adding a touch of magic to the ambiance.

Central Vic Marquee offers a premium 6m wide clear roof marquee available in five different sizes. This variety allows customers to choose the size that best suits their event requirements, ensuring that there is an appropriate option for gatherings of different scales.

Clear roof marquees from Central Vic Marquee provides clients with the opportunity to create visually stunning and unique event spaces that seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor environments.


3 days

  • Suitable for installation on soft or hard surface, our team takes care of both the delivery and installation of the marquee before the event, as well as the pack-down process afterward. This provides customers with a hassle-free experience.
  • Our experienced team can recommend the right marquee to fit your budget, vision and space.
  • Hard surface installation requires weights. Additional fees apply per leg weighted.
  • Marquee price does not include delivery/ collection fees. These vary by suburb.


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